I highly recommend Jes! She is so passionate about her work. Jes supported me through out my labor with hands on techniques that reduced my level of discomfort. In addition to being extremely hands on, she used many other techniques to keep me relaxed and calm! I could go on and on about how great she is, but I will leave it at the fact that we were incredibly blessed to have her supporting the birth of my daughter.

I had such a positive experience with Jessica for my placenta encapsulation! The whole process was simple and I felt very comfortable. Jessica made sure to explain the whole process beforehand, as well as how I could maximize the benefits in times when I felt stressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect with encapsulation but Jessica made me feel very confident in my decision and I will be calling her for any future pregnancies.

Jessica was amazing getting us ready for birth! She gave me so many helpful moves and stretches😊 she was understanding, knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. She really made me feel like I was ready to give birth ❤️

So, my experience is actually from a few years ago.  I remember my experience with Jessica like it was yesterday.  She was so kind.  She came in and, honestly, it felt like a close friend coming to visit.  We chatted while she worked with my placenta and it seemed like friends just catching up with each other.

Not only did she encapsulate my placenta, she also made a tincture and a beautiful placenta print (2 actually!).  She shaped my baby’s umbilical cord into a precious keepsake for me (something I had not thought about doing).
She was very clear with instructions and made sure I understood everything that she was doing and what I needed to do after she was gone (shaking the tincture, storage of pills and tincture, etc).

I highly recommend Jessica for all of these services that I received.  Such a sweet, sweet woman.  Oh, and she was willing to work around 4 other young kids and all the noise and chaos they bring.  I felt no judgement for not having a clean house.  Jessica is not only professional, she is personable.  I appreciate all she did for me (and my family).

I can’t say enough good things about Jes as a person and as a doula! I hired her during my second pregnancy, primarily because of the issues I’d encountered during my first delivery. I’d felt uneducated (despite all of the classes I’d taken!) and felt like I’d have benefited from having someone to help me advocate for myself. Jes’s knowledge and calm demeanor helped me immensely both during my pregnancy and during delivery! Her active listening skills are amazing and she was able to help me craft a birth plan that helped ease my anxiety and left me feeling confident going into delivery. Although the VBAC I’d been hoping for wasn’t in the cards, Jes was there the morning of my c-section (even battling the late-March 10 inch snowstorm!) to help me feel comfortable and ask the right questions of my doctor and anesthesiologist. She even wished me a happy birthing day when my baby turned one last March ?? I would 110% hire Jess again!!

Jessica is a very capable doula; although I’m a nervous nellie type of mom, I never worried about my baby (and kids) in her care.  She has a very kind and pleasant presence that is easy to be around.  She has a good attitude and is willing to perform any duty that is asked without pushback or judgment.

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