Labor Doula

Labor doula services provide non judgmental support for you and your birthing team. On call and available for support from the moment the contract is signed , with you every step of the process. Face to face support throughout active labor until shortly after baby arrives, is included.

Why Labor Doula?

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doula support is contracted hourly, providing vital support after baby arrives and in the months following. It means someone in the trenches with you providing options and non judgmental support as your family adjusts to their new normal.


Why Postpartum Doula?


Certified to process your placenta using a traditional method of steaming and dehydration. This two day process is done in your home after the baby is born. Along with capsules and or tinctures, placenta prints are also able to be done. *Co-Vid 19 stipulations are currently in place. contact me for specific details.


Why Encapsulation?

Child Birth Education Courses

Customized birth courses are offered in the location of your choice. Personalize what information you would like to know more about. Group rates and virtual classes are available.


Why Child Birth Classes?